TechneValue Quality Policy Declaration

About TechneValue

TechneValue GmbH is a dynamic IT group providing 360° Technology and Business Consulting services addressing all the needs of enterprises in today’s hyper-competitive market. TechneValue GmbH carries out its business with a constant commitment to meet the needs of its customers, respecting their workers’ and social needs.

TechneValue GmbH wants to propose itself to its customers as:

– outstanding supplier of technological solutions on the Swiss and EU market;

– distinctive and differentiating element in the Customer Management arena;

– active subject to support his customers for innovative solutions in the Digital Transformation process.

Our Priorities

TechneValue GmbH undertakes to work in accordance with the following priorities:

– to know, understand and communicate at all levels of his organizational structure the needs and expectations of customers and more generally of all those who have an interest (institutional, economic, social, etc.) in the company (so-called Stakeholders), concretizing their needs and expectations into requirements for the Organization;

– to plan its activities, defining structures, responsibilities and resources to effectively implement the programs necessary to achieve the corporate objectives;

– to mapping and monitoring company processes, ensuring their effectiveness and efficiency and also identifying the relative opportunities as well as the existing risks and the appropriate measures for their mitigation and acceptance;

– to involve all personnel in the review and improvement of the Company’s processes for the achievement of the objectives, as a common and priority aim for each one;

– to carry out periodic reviews to verify the actual performance and the achievement of the established objectives;

– to implement, update, communicate and make publicly available, both internally and externally, this policy, ensuring the resources and conditions necessary for its implementation.

Why a Quality Management System

In this context, the decision to certify TechneValue GmbH Quality Management System is a determining and significant factor in the desire to pursue the defined objectives, highlighting the attention to all stakeholders.

However, the Quality Management System for TechneValue GmbH is not only witness of consistency of values, but it is above all a tool to manage and evaluate the effectiveness in monitoring company priorities.

The Organization has established that excellence in customer relations is a primary objective and for this reason the whole Company is committed to a careful and constant monitoring of the services offered, paying the utmost attention to understanding the needs and measuring the overall customers satisfaction, as well as compliance with the relevant legal regulations and the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

All practice managers are required to keep this policy document as documented information, to communicate it within TechneValue GmbH and to make it available to interested parties. Violation of the contents and principles of this policy will result in the application of disciplinary sanctions and the adoption of any other measure that TechneValue GmbH deems to adopt to protect its interests.

Last updated: Feb 10, 2023

Corporate Headquarters

TechneValue GmbH
Zentrum Staldenbach 8, 8808 Pfäffikon, Switzerland