The Digital Enhancer

Nowadays, customers connect with companies using a variety of channels, and the digital ones are becoming the primary means of communication. Therefore, customers’ expectations about digital channels are increasing and companies must keep up with these changes in habits.


Digital Pegasus is TechneValue’s internally developed Digital Enhancer and helps organizations offer an innovative digital customer experience by supporting each step of the customer journey. In this way we help companies to ensure an overall positive customer experience and help them have happy, loyal customers.


Seamlessly integrate your contact centre with existing systems

Modern businesses use multiple tools and systems for different business processes. These tools must work together as well as independently. Our tool enables you to set up and control synchronisation rules between your systems, such as a contact center platform and a CRM with customer data, to extend their standard behaviour. This helps your company access the same updated data from different systems and save time that can be devoted to other activities.


Keep track of what has been said

According to the EU’s securities markets regulator, companies are expected to deploy all possible efforts to ensure that recording of telephone conversations is always available. The Digital Pegasus Mobile Recording can support companies in the fulfillment of these regulations, because it helps companies to keep track of conversations even when they occur on private mobile phones.


Give your company a digital look

Most customers want to be able to find their own info. When it comes to self-service, an IVR system can help. Yet, IVRs is an old-style option for a “digital” customer. The way to boost customers satisfaction is to take self-service to the next level with a Visual@IVR. The Visual@IVR present customers with a visual guide, so that the customer already knows what options they have. When they cannot find what they need, customers can choose either to directly connect with a human agent or to be recontacted in their preferred time slot. This solution helps businesses stand out with personalized and relevant service experience, maximizing loyalty through a differentiated approach.


Increase your safety measures

As our activities are more and more happening online, it’s becoming increasingly urgent to better protect documents, identities and other sensitive data stored online. Our two-factor authentication tool offers a one-time additional safety measure through which you can better protect your online presence from hackers.


Simplify your advertising and marketing activities

Marketing your products or services can be a fast, flexible and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing ones. The Digital Pegasus Campaign Hub supports companies in the creation, set-up, launch and result monitoring of outbound marketing campaigns. From a single environment you can select the campaign audiences, set up templates and layouts, choose the channel to launch the campaign and then monitor the results. In addition, our tool is directly synchronized with your CRM, so that you can perform campaign faster without risking losing potential contacts.

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