We strongly believe that several business projects fail because requirements are not properly analyzed and documented from the outset. This lack of strategy results in solutions failing to meet the scope and the expected outcomes required by the organization which aims at implementing them.

Our Business Analyst consultants liaise with project stakeholders within any organization and help you to bridge the gap between the latest technologies and your business needs. The core competencies within our Business Analysts Practice include:

  • The ability to extract essential information about the business
  • Gaining a solid understanding of core requirements for the business
  • The interpretation of those requirements into functional and technical specifications relevant to systems within the business
  • The presentation of customized solutions or projects according to the specific scope and requirements of your business.


That’s the reason why our Business Analysts form an integral part of strategic business re-engineering, transitioning business from the ‘as it is’ situation to the desired future state and are able to integrate and work competently in all the many different areas of business and technology.

Your Expert

Gianpaolo d’Andrea

Sales Manager

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